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Ocean Protection



Why We Do It

Being as we aim to inspire others to explore and travel our world, it is important that we also keep in mind that each of us needs to do our part to take care of it. Much of the inspiration we have had to create Blue Loa came from the ocean. Growing up near the sea and gazing off into the never-ending horizon sparked a fire within our souls to go out and see the world. We want to continue to travel the amazing places our earth has to offers us, to be curious and discover, and to pass that feeling along to others. Though, walking our beaches, there would never be a day where a piece of plastic or trash wouldn't wash up on shore. 

Whether you live near it or have never seen it at all, our oceans health affects every person and creature on this planet. Our ocean generates over half the oxygen we breathe, creates the rain that feeds our crops and forests, provides fresh water and feeds millions of people around the world. What happens to the ocean will impact us all. As such, we at Blue Loa have committed to the continual protection of our ocean. We are passionate about keeping the ocean healthy and clean.


How Blue Loa Products Are Helping Our Ocean

We wanted to create a second purpose for our products, combining the buying experience with a way to give back to our planet. As such, we have chosen to support the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization who works with the top leaders in their field to continue protecting and maintaining the health of our ocean. Every time you make a purchase through our store, a portion of it goes to protecting the many threats our ocean faces:

      • Offshore Drilling: Oil spills are absolutely catastrophic. Opening up more of our coasts to offshore drilling can be quite dangerous. An accident could create a massive oil spill that could cause serious impacts to the economies of coastal communities, fisheries, beaches, shorelines, and injure or kill birds, fish, and marine mammals.              
      • Climate Pollution: Warming ocean temperatures, melting sea ice and ocean acidification are affecting our ocean, wildlife and coastal communities. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, and scientists have predicted that it could be completely gone by 2037.                                                      
      • Ocean Trash: Plastic and other trash have caused havoic for our marine life, avian friends and ocean ecosystem. Scientists have estimated that more than 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans every year. If this keeps up, over the next decade there could be 1 pound of plastic in our ocean for every 3 pounds of fish. That is an insane amount!
      • Ocean Acidification: Our Ocean has been helping absorb half of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, making the effects of climate change not as harsh as it would be otherwise. Though it helps our atmosphere, absorbing that much carbon has been devastating to our waters, altering the chemical balance of the ocean, which affects the way the animals who live there grow and survive.
      • Sustainable Fisheries: Millions of people rely on seafood for protein and many depend on seafood to earn their living. More than 3 million costal communities across the country rely on commercial and recreational fisheries.

    How You Can Help!

    Besides a portion of your purchase going towards a good cause, there are many other ways you can help keep our ocean healthy. One of the simplest ways we can achieve this is at the source: be mindful of where you throw your trash. How you dispose of every type of item you use is important. If you are walking down the street, or down along the shore, and see a piece of trash, pick it up! Chances are, someone else won't.

    If you would like to join a wonderful community of like-minded individuals to further make a difference, we encourage you to look at all the wonderful work this organization is doing and join one of their International Coastal Clean-Ups. You can even host your own clean-up through their website!The Ocean Conservancy hosts the world’s largest volunteer effort for clean-ups on behalf of ocean health. Over the last 30 years, volunteers have gathered more than 220 million pounds of trash. Every piece can make a difference. Every person can make a difference.

    If you would like to find out more information about the Ocean Conservancy, you can go to their website:

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