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Who We Are

Blue Loa is a travel and exploration brand, founded in Surf City, Huntington Beach, whose mission is to create quality apparel and supplies that motivates others to go out and see the world. Inspired by the feeling of discovering something new in familiar places, as well as adventuring in places outside your comfort zone, Blue Loa is about exploring what’s near and traveling what’s far. We hope that our store can help ignite the spirit of wanderlust within to do more and see more. Broaden your horizons while leaving no stone unturned.


What We Stand For

Blue Loa strives for fairness and equality along all parts of the manufacturing process, and so only works with WRAP certified warehouses, and avoids working with any company that uses exploitative labor practices. We work closely together with local businesses, and inspired freelance designers, to create unique products that engender a sense of adventure. Our main manufacturer for our apparel is eco-friendly and sustainability-focused, as it is our belief that everyone should be mindful of how we treat others, and how we treat the planet. We also believe in the importance of giving back. A portion of every purchase through Blue Loa goes towards Protecting Our Ocean. Together we can help keep our ocean healthy and clean for future generations to enjoy. 



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